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About Us

YOYAMAY is a leading company in producing high-quality handwoven textiles from ethnic communities such as Chin, Naga, Laitu, and Khami in Burma/Myanmar since 1994. We originally produced traditional blankets, shawls and tunic made with backstrap looms. From 2014 onwards, we began creating a variety of new designs for contemporary use like hand bags, cushion covers and purses.

Our Story

U Kyin Lam Mang (Pa Mang) and Daw Khun Swe (Nu Shwe) founded YOYAMAY as a cooperative in 1994. Pa Mang and Nu Shwe belong to the Tedim-Chin community. Over the past three decades, they have immersed themselves into the world of Chin and other highland traditional textiles. They also contributed their knowledge to foreign and local textile enthusiasts and experts.


Our textiles are made from 100% natural cotton yarn, hand-spun cotton, and silk. They are made by backstrap looms and wooden frame looms. The patterns and motifs are unique to each tribe. The textiles are socially and culturally important for special occasions such as weddings, feast, and ceremonies. 


Chin women traditionally weave their own textiles on backstrap looms. Every girl when they are coming of age they have to learn weaving from their mother. Now, we are providing a source of income for the Chin women with their intangible cultural heritage. Grandmas, housewives, and young girls can earn an extra income from their own tradition. 


We guarantee to ship our products to our customers within one month if the ordered items in stock. We can customize to the buyer’s preferences. We also accept commissioned work to create new designs.


YOYAMAY is in the conservation, up-keeping and sustaining of the quickly vanishing know-hows of the usage of natural dyes and hand woven textiles. They have revived and supported the back strapped loom weavings in Southern Chin and Northern Rakhine since the early 2000s, and have created paths for Chin women to earn a living with their inherited knowledge.

For three decades now, YOYAMAY has produced contemporary Chin textiles, designed new products, and preserved antique textiles as well as weaving traditions.


#62(A) R22+23 Yaw Min Gyi St.

Yangon 11191, Myanmar


Phone 1: +95 9 504 8297
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Monday to Friday - 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (GMT+6:30). 

We strive to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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